Monday, January 16, 2017


To attack a much-honored civil rights leader because you don't like what he said about you is incorrigible.  Yet, that is what President-elect Trump did on Twitter.  He has no shame nor any sense of PR.  He thrives on publicity, which he demands to be positive about him.  Anyone who would dare criticized him for his behavior is anathema.  It is sad that we are looking to four years of this kind of vituperation.  (I can't believe that Trump will serve a second term.)  The best we can do is to ignore him rather than let rage get the best of us.  If we can achieve a point of balance and simply acknowledge that he is a buffoon, then we might be able to move forward.  It is too early to know the damage he might cause to the economy and foreign relations.  We will need to take that step by step.  It is too much to hope for an impeachment.  Trump is a fool who skates on the edge of the law, but he seems to have an instinct for where soft spots are and he barely misses them.  The Republicans in Congress are going to have to discipline him by refusing to go along with the worst parts of his behavior.  Meanwhile, ordinary citizens like us have to learn to live with him.


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