Monday, January 30, 2017


How careful would you be in working with a company whose chairman is a convicted felon and who has with him two other convicted felons?  Yes, everyone deserves a second, even a third chance, but one should still take care to verify business dealings with the firm.  This is the situation with the Kushner Companies, whose CEO, the son of the felon, is now advising the Trump administration.  Reputation matters in a case like this.  How has the former convict acted in the past and how might he operate in the future?  The case that sent him to prison was particularly noxious and indicated an individual who would stop at nothing to get his way.  Has he mellowed and found a new sense of morality or is he skating close to the limits of the law?  Only time will tell, but meanwhile he is conducting the business of his companies while his son counsels President Trump.


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