Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Staying The Course 

California is having a wet year after five years of drought.  Reservoirs are full. The snow pack in the high Sierras is 10 feet deep.  Rivers are flowing again.  There is a temptation among its citizens to go back to watering their lawns, taking long showers and otherwise wasting the resource.  Now is the time for-PR to remind people that the drought is not over and perhaps, never will be over with climate change.  One good year out of five is not enough to replenish aquifers nor is it enough to satisfy the water demands of farmers and urban dwellers.  State and local governments need to train citizens in water conservation for the long haul, and it will be difficult after a year of flooding and relentless rain.  Staying the course is never easy, especially when it looks like one has reached the goal.


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