Friday, February 10, 2017

Conflict Of Interest 

This event was a conflict of interest.  You are not supposed to shill for private business while serving in the White House.  Why Kellyanne Conway did it is a question in itself.  Ivanka Trump's fashion line has been taking hits as one department store after another has dropped the line.  President Trump weighed in about it with a tweet.  Conway might have felt she was pleasing the boss by making the statement she said.  Conflict of interest was probably nowhere in her thinking at the time.  It should have been. Now, she has upset even the Republicans in Congress, and made the separation between Donald Trump's businesses and role as President narrower.  Conway should have been fired.  She was counseled instead.  That in itself makes the charge of a conflict of interest between President Trump and his businesses more real.  From a PR perspective, it smells -- and not sweetly.  


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