Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fake News 

A lie repeated often enough becomes fact.  That is the tactic of the White House administration.  Calling the traditional media "fake news" will convince some of the public that reporters lie regularly and should be discredited. The White House wants the media to report positively on its actions and will attack anyone who doesn't. Journalists should be on guard for false stories because their reputations are being questioned.  It is the lowest form of relationship with the media -- an adversarial set-to that the White House can't win in the end.  The media will be still here in four or eight years when the Trump White House is history and it will continue to report on falsehoods of the administration.  Eventually, most of the public will come around and view fake news for what it is -- a way to sell advertising or to impugn a foe.  Today, there is a credibility issue.  People don't know what to believe, so they are as apt to accept the White House with its charge of "fake news" as they are to read and believe media reports.  Trump's people are exploiting that confusion, but it won't last forever.


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