Thursday, February 16, 2017

Small Things 

PR can be small and seemingly insignificant things, such as this.  Consistent labeling standards for perishables has been long in coming, and it wasn't until the big players got involved that it happened.  Walmart is looking after its customers.  Ten label warnings have been reduced to two - "Best if used by" and "Use by."  One wonders why this wasn't done before.  An answer is that the food industry saw no compelling reason for standardization.  It took a major player and two food retailing associations to overcome the inertia.  And the change won't be instantaneous.  Some food producers will hang on to their labeling for awhile until the pressure from retailers becomes too large.  Most consumers will not notice the change.  But, it is a little thing that makes a difference.  Kudos to Walmart and the two associations.


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