Friday, March 17, 2017

A Wink And Nod 

One government lie of the modern era involves flood insurance. Federal bureaucrats are using outdated flood zone maps that give a break to homeowners who otherwise would be forced to get flood coverage.  This puts the program on rickety legs because inevitably massive flooding will hit zones where homeowners are under-insured.  It happened already in New Orleans where the government spent billions to help recovery.  Why don't Federal officials update the maps, especially in light of global warming and sea level rise?  Because they don't want to put up with outraged cries of homeowners and politicians who serve them when insurance bills arrive in the mail.  If actuaries properly calculated the risk of future flooding, hundreds, or even thousands, of homeowners would have to give up their seaside or lakeside or riverside dwellings and move to higher ground.  It has happened along the Mississippi river where rural communities have been forced to move to protect themselves from breaking dikes. Sooner or later, flood maps will need to be updated or the flood insurance program will go bankrupt.  Who needs that? 


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