Friday, March 10, 2017

Against All Reason 

It takes a committed mind to fly in the face of science, to ignore evidence and to hold fast to a position even the public at large has rejected.  There is little PR can do for such a person without resorting to propaganda.  This is the situation at the Environmental Protection Agency where a new leader doesn't believe in global warming.  One wonders what rock he has been living under.  PR practitioners at the agency have a difficult task. How do they keep the boss happy while simultaneously rejecting his key belief?  They may find there is no way to square the circle, especially if the boss is fanatical.  A "lifer" will take the position that it is but four years under the man and with Trump losing the next election, reason will return.  An idealist will look for other work and will leave the agency until the current boss steps down.  This is a choice being made up and down the ranks.  There is no good answer for handling a fantasist.  


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