Friday, March 03, 2017

All But The Reputation 

Hyundai has tackled one of the most difficult tasks in the auto market - establishing a new luxury brand.  It is called Genesis, and it has most if not all the features of vehicles costing $15,000 more.  In other words, the vehicle is a good deal for someone looking for ride comfort.  The difficulty is that one cannot drive it yet and expect neighbors and strangers to stare in appreciation.  It is a car without a reputation and in need of cachet.  Hyundai understands that it is going to take time for the car to find its buyers, but the question for the manufacturer is how long.  It will take years and more models for the American consumer to readily recognize the brand.  Hyundai has to be patient and take it step by step.  That is how other luxury sedans found their niches. Throwing money at the brand would be a waste.


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