Monday, March 20, 2017


Sometimes the best of intentions are misguided.  One overlooks a critical part of a program and it bites.  Consider this case of a philanthropic PR campaign.  Cheerios is giving away packets of wildflower seeds to help sustain the bee population, which has been decimated by Colony Collapse Disorder.  There are problems with that, however.  In some regions, part of the wildflower seeds are considered noxious or invasive pests.  And the bees that wildflowers support are not hive creatures but other species.  Other than that, the idea is a good and should have a positive effect.  One wonders if the program director at Cheerios looked into all of the permutations of the campaign before launching it.  It appears this wasn't done.  The result is a campaign that is a half-success at best.  That's a pity.  


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