Thursday, April 27, 2017

A PR Test 

Google's Waymo is finally offering test rides in a real world environment -- Phoenix, AZ.  It is taking applications from citizens now for travel in its self-driving vans (that will still have an attendant sitting by the steering wheel.)  The experiment is both a final step before the technology hits the road for everyday  use and a PR exercise to demonstrate the validity of the system.  If there is any one company that deserves to be successful in its endeavor to invent the future, Google would seem to be it.  The company has put three million miles into test driving its technology and thus far, it has passed every goal with few hiccups.  Other companies are in hot pursuit of the same objective as Google so Waymo dare not stand still.  With 600 minivans on the roads of the Valley of the Sun, millions will get the chance to see self-driving vehicles and more importantly, drive along side them..  


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