Thursday, April 20, 2017

Can't Shoot Straight 

After the dramatic White House announcement that the US was sending a carrier to the coast of North Korea, we learned that the Carl Vinson was steaming off Australia, thousands of miles from its supposed destination.  This was apparently not the Trump Administration's fault.  There were bungles in the military chain of command.  Still it gives Trump and his advisors a reputation of a gang who can't shoot straight.  Another administration might live down the embarrassment but there have been so many gaffes already in the Trump White House that this adds to a perception of chaos and ineffectiveness.  It is hard to break the string of missteps once the media gets used to reporting them.  The White House can protest that it is being treated unfairly, but it will do little good.  The only solution is to get the news right from now on.  


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