Tuesday, April 04, 2017


The Los Angeles Times has torn into President Trump for Trump's habit of lying.  The editorial is devastating and one wonders how anyone could recover from its words.  Trump probably won't worry about it.  He doesn't care.  The editorial posits that Trump lies so frequently he hasn't a grasp on what is the truth.  If one lie doesn't work for him to reach his constituency, he lies again to regain his stature with those lost in anger and conspiracy theories.  It is sad to have the nation's leader disregard facts.  There is no PR solution for such behavior.  First of all, PR is built on accuracy and lying is antithetical to its core.  PR is persuasion based on facts and what an individual or organization has done.  For Trump, the practical effect of his lying is to impeach his character and to cause loss of control of his agenda.  Already in light of his failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, naysayers are predicting doom for his effort in tax reform.  If the US is fortunate, Trump will be a one-term president and maybe, we will get a new president who has respect for the truth.


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