Monday, April 24, 2017

What People Don't See 

It has been a long-standing truism that what people don't see, they don't care about.  That is especially true of most of the features of first-world culture.  One of those is the cell phone that comes from mammoth factories in China where workers are treated like mindless robots.  One can only imagine the boredom of the worker who puts in one screw in hundreds of cell phones daily while bosses shout at them to move faster.  It would justify a strike in the US, which is one reason why those factories aren't here.  Adding to the demeaning labor is the small wage factory workers receive.  The average citizen goes to the store, buys a phone and gives not the least thought to the human machinery behind it.  Yet if he did, would he be any less motivated to own one?  We assume others are there to answer our beck and call.  We get upset only when an item is not available.  Then we ask why.


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