Friday, April 28, 2017

When It All Goes Bad, cont. 

When an organization has bad luck, it sometimes can't get away from negative reports.  United, still reeling from pulling a passenger off one of its planes, now has to deal with killing a giant rabbit on one of its flights.  Ordinarily a story like that would barely get a mention, but United is in the penalty box and subject to scrutiny.  And, it's not just United, the airline industry as a whole is being looked at.  Delta just got pilloried for removing a passenger from one of its planes for going to the bathroom.  Airlines have been struggling with poor PR and a bad reputation for some time.  They treat economy customers like cattle and squeeze them into the back of planes with no amenities and charges for everything.  In defense of the airlines, one has to realize the industry made no money for decades, and it has at last reached stable profitability.  Still, ticking off customers is a hard way to run an organization.  They can do so because they have an oligopoly and there is nowhere else for customers to go.


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