Monday, May 08, 2017

Crying Wolf 

Here is a fellow who has cried, "Wolf" too many times.  Even if the US would like to remove him (and it certainly does), who is going to believe South Korea and the CIA have assassination squads in the North?  Kim Jong-un is paranoid and self-inflated.  He is also brutal and has had several of his top executives murdered because he suspected them of disloyalty.  In such a bubbling stew of intrigue, anything is possible and the only survivor is he who rules with an iron hand.  Comparisons to Stalin are appropriate, but the country is tiny and insignificant but for its weapon and missile programs.  Kim has progressively cut himself off from the outside world.  He has rebuffed China, his only ally and he is an active threat to South Korea and Japan.  As his weapons technology improves, he becomes more dangerous by the year and his fear of assassination is entering the realm of reason.


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