Friday, May 12, 2017

PR And Dictatorships 

Dictators don't listen to citizens.  Rather, they tell their publics what to think and do.  In an era of democracy, it is harder to be a sole power but not impossible.  There is Erdogan of TurkeyMaduro of Venezuela, Kim Jong un of North Korea and several more authoritarians on the world scene.  They have stifled opposition in their countries and have kept their troops under control to protect their positions. Public protest is put down savagely.  They might masquerade under a concept of democracy, but there is no free choice and the public learns to control its thoughts to survive.  Those who cannot endure a dictatorship flee and look for a better life elsewhere.  This causes dictators to close their borders to keep their people in. Dictators survive in an era of global communications by cutting off or regulating the internet   The concept of public relations is laughable to them.  The public is just a thing to be crushed.


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