Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This article is a cautionary argument that Apple won't stay on top of the electronics market forever.  The thesis is that no company has done it before, and there is no reason to believe  Apple can break the pattern.  Apple has passed $800 billion in market value, a dizzying height from which a fall would be extraordinary.  But, the company is only as good as its next products and there is no guarantee, even with its fan base, that Apple can continue to hit home runs.  At some point, the company will put out a clunker, or a series of them, and consumers will start asking questions and more importantly, start buying other companies' phones and computers.  When Apple's income stagnates, the market will take action and  the result won't be pretty.  Meanwhile, Apple's employees are moving into its new multi- billion-dollar campus, Steve Jobs' legacy to his company.  There is no guarantee the building will help Apple be any more successful than it already is.  And, if the company meets stiff headwinds in the marketplace, there is a good chance part of the property will be empty and unused.


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