Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cleaner Than Clean 

If you go after a President or one of his people, you need to be cleaner than clean. Otherwise, you are out.  The media might tolerate mistakes when they involve a CEO, but not the leader of the United States.  CNN has no love for Trump and probably would like to see him impeached, but it can't be caught publishing "fake news" about the President, his cabinet or his advisers.  So, it took the resignations of three of its journalists.  PR practitioners might wish that to happen more often but most errors in the media are not as prominent on the national scene.  Still, there are reporters who raise hackles when they call and put companies on edge.  They don't go away or get any easier to deal with over time.  One must deal with them and correct their errors.  Call them the media relations practitioner's guarantee of employment.


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