Thursday, June 29, 2017

Quiet PR 

Sometimes it is best to remain quiet and go about one's business. Here is a case in which a company could have spoken out but decided against it.  Lyft has been given a valuable opening with the troubles that have beset Uber.  The company could mock Uber and openly invite Uber's drivers to defect, but it hasn't.  The CEO has decided to remain out of the fray and to continue to pursue his business.  It is refreshing that a company can act this way and it is better PR in every respect.  There is no need to taunt competitors when they fail.  Rather, one should consider that it could be my company next.  Lyft has a dedication to values and ethics that Uber missed in its rapacious effort to grow.  It might be that Uber now fades away, and Lyft will be the benefactor.  If so, the company won't be seen kicking the carcass of a dead company.


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