Monday, June 19, 2017

Suspect Publlicity 

President Trump is meeting with high-tech executives to get ideas for how to reduce government expenditures.  It will be a photo-op, but the practical results of the meeting are likely to be slim.  The principle reason for this is that that tech executives have little knowledge of the functions and operations of government.  It is easy to throw around concepts and bright thoughts, but the actual doing is much harder and in some cases, impossible.  It takes money -- lots of it -- to put in systems that reduce the number of employees in a service delivery vehicle.  The government doesn't have available cash to spend on such automated operations.  Secondly, it takes time to train employees in how to use new systems.  That will take months, if not years.  The Trump administration doesn't have that kind of time.  So, let the photographers snap their shots of the tech leaders but understand that it is suspect publicity.


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