Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Too Little Too Late 

The manufacturer of the cladding that burned on Grenfell Tower in London has now discontinued sales of the material.  This is an example of too little too late.  A number of news reports have discussed a prolonged argument against the cladding because of its lack of fire proofing.  Yet, it was used anyway to deadly effect.  Arconic, the maker, has a PR crisis on its hands of its own making.  The company knew the product was flammable, and it recommended that it not be used beyond the range of fire ladders.  It must have known that it was installed on towers in London.  Why didn't Arconic speak up?  This is a crisis for which there is no good solution.  An apology for the death of 79 people is hardly enough.  There is a chance the company will go bankrupt as the matter is hauled through the courts, and that is as it should be.


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