Friday, July 28, 2017


The Senate Republicans effort to get rid of Obamacare has foundered and sunk.  There is no guarantee any kind of compromise will be developed and enacted.  The problem was the Republicans had no plan, just the effort to repeal, and the American public was not fooled.  Here was a classic case of the need for powerful persuasion.  It was missing for nearly all of the push-and-pull over repeal.  The Republicans came off as "aginners" who wanted to replace the law simply because it came from Obama's administration and not because of manifestly clear faults with its regulations.  Nearly everyone was against them from doctors through health agencies to common citizens.  Yet, the House and Senate persisted.  This kind of coup de main might have worked in a company dominated by a CEO who has also cowed the board, but it is much more difficult in the political realm, as it should be.  So, now it is on to tax reform where chances of comprehensive change are slim at best.  Maybe this time the Republicans will use the tools of persuasion rather than once again attempting to ram through new legislation. 


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