Friday, July 07, 2017


The fashion world has a secret.  It often pays for the trips and hospitality shown to editors who attend runway shows in exotic locales.  The US Federal Trade Commission wants the practice to be disclosed, and it has sent letters to major brands to gain compliance.  It seems that neither editors nor fashion houses are eager to see the practice in print.  The New York Times checked a number of publications as it reported this story, and it found minimal compliance.  Fashion is not the only industry where reporters get freebies.  Travel has historically paid for "Fam"  trips for editors and reporters to familiarize themselves with exotic locales..  Medical PR has quietly supported conferences and medical spokespersons for diseases and their pharmaceutical cures.  If one industry discloses by regulation, why not all? The news industry places great value on independence.  It should be willing to tell its public that it is accepting gratuities from the subjects of coverage and the reason why.  Declining budgets for editorial. 


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