Friday, August 25, 2017

Amateur Psychology 

Democrats are engaging in amateur psychology to explain President Trump's behavior and hopefully, impeach him.  This is a move that could backfire.  Obsession with Trump might well dilute messages Democrats should be sending to voters.  It is hard in the present situation to stay on topic.  The President's erratic behavior and speech are tempting targets.  He is anything but presidential and he has succeeded in isolating himself from the electorate and his own party.  One still wonders how he was elected in the first place.  But, he is not the issue for Democrats.  There are plenty of topics the party can coalesce around including fixing the ACA, updating immigration law and re-establishing good relations with nations now estranged from the President.  Democrats needn't spend their time analyzing and consulting the manual of psychiatric diseases.  Rather, they should be working on the midterm elections and trying to regain their power in Congress. Trump is self-destructing without their help.


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