Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Police have an aura of upholders of the law. When they violate that perception, it is inexcusable.  Here is a case of stupidity in which a police detective acted highhandedly and against the law.  As a result, he destroyed the trust of the nurse involved, of those observing the incident and of the public at large.  He deserves to be fired from the force because he no longer communicates the message of protector to the public.  Rather, he is an example of arrogance that comes with power, of exerting one's will over others for no good reason.  The law and law enforcement are dangerous in that regard.  Police and prosecutors wrap themselves in righteousness and trample the rights of others.  They forget to balance liberty with justice.  This does not happen to every member of law enforcement, but incidents like this are a reminder that police can go out of control.


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