Friday, September 08, 2017

Too Little Too Late 

Hillary Clinton is out with a new book that explains how she lost the election.  It is too little too late for such an after-action report.  It is also too early for the judgment of history in which scholars will sift much, if not all,.of the events that lay beneath the defeat.  From a PR perspective, Hillary can come off as a sore loser by having done this.  One asks what her objective is by writing so soon after her loss.  The general feeling is that she is washed out as a politician.  Her time in the national spotlight is over and her ambition to sit behind the desk in the Oval Oval office sunk.  Perhaps she feels like justifying her defeat to a person who, so far, is unqualified to hold the Presidency.  She is not above settling scores with other candidates -- Bernie Sanders -- who rejects her description of him.  Whatever her motivation, it is odd such a book would come out now.


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