Monday, October 02, 2017

It Just Might Work 

Toys R Us, which put itself into bankruptcy, has ambitious plans for a turnaround and it just might work.  The firm is going interactive with the public and engaging children in its aisles and in playrooms it will set up.  The interactive thrust is Augmented Reality in which through a smart phone app, kids and parents will be able to see animations and have experiences throughout the stores.  The firm was working on the technology before it went broke, and it will roll it out once it gets its debt under control.  It's a smart and creative idea, but the public will ultimately decide if it is enough to boost sales and earnings of the company.  One point will be important in the rollout and that is changing content regularly.  Kids will become bored if each time they visit a store they see the same things. Surprise is an element of success.


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