Thursday, March 08, 2018


In my opinion, weather forecasters have low credibility, particularly when it comes to storms.  They tend to hype the possibilities.  The real-life situation on the ground may be, and often is, quite different.  Over the years, I've tended to ignore them and go about my work.  Yesterday proved to be an eye-opener.  The forecast was for a major nor'easter to hit the Tri-state area with six to 12 inches of snow.  I left for work in the morning and there were barely flurries.  During the day in Manhattan there was a mix of rain and snow. When I left for home and exited the train tunnel to New Jersey, there was about six inches on the ground.  By time I got home two hours later after commuting snafus, there were 18-21 inches of snow in the front yard.  The weather forecasters had called it correctly for our state.  My family was upset with me for going into Manhattan.  It turns out my credibility was shot and today, we're trapped in the house since the plows haven't come to open our road. Next time, I'll pay closer attention.  


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