Friday, March 09, 2018


The news that the doors to the office of the Interior Secretary will cost $139,000 has raised concerns, especially after the HUD secretary spent $31,000 for a table.  The spokeswoman for Interior made a strong case for the replacement and emphasized that the Secretary didn't know the cost of the project.  Still, it is a matter of perception.  The expenditure seems outrageous, and therefore, in the minds of many, it is, despite a lengthy explanation for it.  This is an ongoing PR challenge to anyone working in Washington DC.  The news media are merciless in reporting what appears to be self-interest on the part of political appointees.  The Secretary of the Interior now has a flap on his hands, not of his own making, that he needs to handle.  He can cancel the project but that will harm the building.  He can let the work go ahead but restrict its budget, but that might result in a poor job.  He can let the repair proceed as is and take the heat.  There is no good outcome.


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