Monday, April 16, 2018

Getting Even 

James Comey, former FBI director, is getting even with the White House for his sudden and embarrassing firing while he was in a field office in Los Angeles.  He is calling President Trump out with his new book, and Trump's reaction has been understandably negative.  Trump has called Comey a "slimeball."  From a publicity perspective, Comey has to avoid overplaying his contentions so he can maintain a perception of honesty rather than a personally hurt former office holder.  It is extremely important that he hew to facts and avoids interpretations open to criticism.  A sense of detachment and modesty will help his case, and the fact that Trump is unpopular and chaotic will bolster Comey's views.  It is hard for the testimony of one man to overcome the power of the White House, but Comey has a chance to do so.  It doesn't help that Comey is roundly disliked by both Republicans and Democrats for his actions at the FBI, but Comey insists his loyalty is not to any one party or view but to the American people.  His book will sell, which is good for him, and Trump haters will purchase it.  Comey, meanwhile, needs to remain cool and dispassionate.  


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