Thursday, August 09, 2018

Just OK 

When a product in development has been over-hyped and at its debut is just OK, there is media disappointment.  Such is the case with the "mixed reality device," Magic Leap One.  Reporters were eager to try it on and were not transported by the results.  Add to the less-than-stellar reviews the cost of the product -- $2300.  The reaction is "After all the publicity, this is what we get?"  The company would have been far better off if it had worked to dampen expectations rather than let speculation run wild.  The product was developed in secrecy so journalists relied on over-hyped rumors.  Magic Leap is now faced with mediocre reviews and its first new product that might not go anywhere in the market.  It's a bad position to be in.  One hopes they have the cash to develop a second generation that is better.  If not, they will go the way of most start-up tech companies. They will cease to exist or they will be bought out.


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