Friday, January 25, 2019

How The Mighty Fall 

Carlos Ghosn, residing in a Japanese jail, has resigned from Renault He was an all-powerful globe-trotting CEO until the Japanese accused him of under-reporting his income.  Now he is fighting to stay out of prison. It is a spectacular come-down for the man and the companies he headed.  It proves again that few are above the law for long. There is no proof yet that Ghosn is guilty of what he is charged, but that makes no difference.  He is finished and is unlikely ever again to rise to a position of power.  It is a reminder to communicators to avoid exalting leaders and setting them apart. Media positioning should emphasize closeness to the common man.  The imperial CEO is dead.  There is a broad movement to bring the powerful down closer to the rest of us.  Society doesn't like oligarchs even if they have fairly won positions and wealth. 


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