Friday, February 22, 2019

Evil Wins 

YouTube is learning that, despite its efforts, evil is winning and destroying the video channel's reputation.  Major advertisers have left because child pornographers have found a way to penetrate YouTube's algorithms.  The company has reacted by "terminating more than 400 channels, deleting accounts, and disabling comments on tens of millions of videos."   But, it is not enough.  YouTube needs to do more, much more and it has to establish that it is a safe place to do business.  The challenge is that those with bad intent will find other ways to get in, and YouTube will need to root them out as soon as they do.  That is a huge challenge.  Humans are ingenious in inventing new means to get around barriers, and they won't stop trying.  YouTube's problem is the web's headache.  It is a reminder that evil exists, and one can never stop fighting it online and elsewhere.


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