Thursday, May 02, 2019

Losing The Base 

What do you need to do in communications and marketing to solidify an eroding base? Prime Minister Theresa May is finding out.  She is losing her coterie of big donors over the gut-level fight of Brexit.  There is a strong need for backroom deal-making and arm twisting, but thus far nothing has worked and no one in parliament is moving toward a deal.  May is putting off a call for another referendum, but time and internal strife may force her hand.  There are no good slogans, magic words or prestidigitation in the works.  It is mano a mano with each side bloodying the other and preventing progress.  As May's donors turn on her, it might be the key to a solution, even if it is one May doesn't want.  Whatever the outcome, the British are sick of Brexit and just want it to be over.


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