Wednesday, May 08, 2019


Uber and Lyft drivers are revolting against their independent contractor status that is leaving them underpaid and poor.  Well they should.  The deck is stacked against them while company executives make millions by going public. There is no good answer to being a freelancer, which is what the drivers are.  If they are lucky, they can pay for gas and mileage and have a pittance left over. So they are communicating the only way they know how by striking and calling for passengers to boycott the companies.  Chances are riders will continue to use the services, and those drivers who do not honor the strike will get more fares.  Still the message is clear. Uber and Lyft need to do something to help their essential individuals -- drivers.  Even if they do not make them employees, they need to help them succeed.  The future of both companies depends on it.


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