Thursday, May 09, 2019

Smart Marketing 

There is little better than taking an old product and doing something radically new with it.  Consider,. for instance, shoes.  They have been around in design and styles for thousands of years.  Now, Nike has taken steps to guarantee it will sell you a shoe that fits the first time you try them on. It has developed an app to scan feet.  Such a simple idea but a profound change in a market where an estimated two-thirds of users are wearing shoes that are either too small or too large. Getting it right the first time has implications up and down the supply chain.  It reduces returns.  It helps the company figure out what sizes to send to stores to meet demand.  It makes for happier customers who come back when they want to buy another pair.  It saves chunks of money.  Nike already is the leading shoe retailer in the US.  An innovation like this helps cement its front-running place.  Kudos to the company.


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