Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Smart PR 

Jeff Bezos of Amazon knows how to generate smart PR for the mammoth company.  He has revealed that "...data showed that sales from third-party sellers now make up for more than 58% of the physical gross merchandise sold on Amazon. These sales have grown from $0.1 billion in 1999 to $160 billion in 2018."  In other words, the behemoth is not as large as one might think, and it has done wonders for small to mid-sized businesses.  He revealed that SMB's are earning an average of $90,000 a year through Amazon.  The implication is clear.  Attack Amazon and you are assaulting successful small companies everywhere.  That more than its timely fulfillment and huge assortment of merchandise is armor against those who would break Amazon up.  Amazon will need this kind of transparency going forward.  It has competitors and government regulators who would like to see the company dismantled and they are gaining a hearing.  


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