Monday, May 13, 2019

What Will It Take? 

Carbon dioxide levels have reached levels unknown since the rise of humans, and there is only one epic, Pliocene, millions of years ago when it was equaled.  What will it take for humans to understand that global warming is real?  There are signs that Americans are coming around to accepting it in spite of its leader, who resolutely refuses to engage with the issue.  Wild weather and warming temperatures appear to be at the heart of persuasion.  PR campaigns have echoed what nature is doing but without teeth until recently.  But, global warming requires global solutions.  One country can't make a difference.  This puts an onus on Third World nations who are struggling to raise their citizenry's lifestyles from poverty.  Moving away from the gas engine would impose a burden on them. They probably won't do it unless fuel becomes too expensive, but that will require dismantling the global energy industry -- no mean task.  


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