Tuesday, June 11, 2019


A Vancouver grocery store wants customers to bring their own reusable bags so it can stop using plastic bags that add to pollution.  So, it designed three bags with embarrassing messages designed to put off customers.  One is for adult video, a second for colon care and the third for warts.  Apparently, however, the idea backfired.  Customers are delighted and some are collecting all three bags as souvenirs.  Give the store credit for a creative idea even though it didn't work.  The hard-headed answer to getting rid of plastic is to charge for it.  Shoppers are sensitive to cost and if a bag is pricey enough, they will shift over.  The downside of charging is that it upsets customers who can go elsewhere, but then, if they tolerate plastic bags with off-putting brands, they might adjust to the cost of a bag too.


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