Wednesday, October 09, 2019


With any advance, there comes backlash -- people who don't like an improvement and rail against it.  That is happening now to the new meatless burgers.  Critics are calling them over-processed, full of genetically modified organisms and fake meat.  Of course, they are but they are as good for you as a regular hamburger and one could argue, even better.  The ultimate deciders on the issue of "impossible burgers" will be consumers.  Will they keep buying them and liking them?  So far, the news has been good for the meatless meat companies.  They can't supply their products fast enough. That hasn't stopped naysayers, however.  They might come around in time but for now, they are against the innovation and cautioning consumers not be taken in.  The meatless meat companies have to be concerned, even as they ramp up production.  Demand might disappear as quickly as it rose, if the public tries the vegetable-based food and rejects it.  It is a heady but risky time for meatless meat.


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