Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Not Dead Yet 

As this article discusses, brick-and-mortar stores are not dead yet.  They are becoming fulfillment sites for online shopping, experiential venues and sources for expertise not readily available online.  Amazon itself is in the brick-and-mortar business with its Whole Foods stores and new retail sites that are cashier-less.  As convenient as it is to shop online with home delivery, there are still some things people would rather get for themselves.  It is unclear what the long-term future is for brick-and-mortar stores, however.  One issue that online retailers will have to fix is thievery after delivery.  The New York Times reported that 90,000 packages a day go missing in the five boroughs.  That is more than enough to give brick-and-mortar a new life.  The near future will see retailers continuing to shrink with some moving successfully to a mix of online and in-store shopping.  It will require time, successful web sites, logistics and bucks.  Stores like Walmart and Home Depot will survive.  Others won't.


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