Friday, July 31, 2020

Progressive Mendacity 

President Trump is a Napoleon-wannabe from the Animal Farm, Orwell's satirical novel from the 1940s.  His lies are progressive from declaring voting by mail to be rife with fraud to now positing that the election should be delayed until the polls are made secure and fair.  The big lie has a natural evolution to a larger one, and if people accept the first instance of mendacity, they are likely to accept the next.  It is a principle on which propaganda is built.  Fortunately for the nation, Republicans rebelled against Trump's suggestion immediately.  They have a spark of law and humanity left in them, albeit small.  There is little chance the election will be moved nor that Trump will remain in power for one day longer than is his due by law.  The shocking part of Trump's idea is that he expressed it at all.  It reveals a self-referential person who believes he is beyond the constitution.  Whether or not Trump goes down in disgrace in November, he will be a case study for generations of what happens when a sociopath gains power.  


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