Friday, October 16, 2020

Maybe Not. 

 The World Health Organization has released a study that concludes Remdesivir and anti-malarial drugs are ineffective in treatment of COVID-19.  That comes after politicians and others hailed them as potential cures.  Science can be disappointing but it is better than faux treatments given to suffering patients.  Quackery has never disappeared, and there are even legitimate physicians spouting about medicines that have never been tested.  Credibility for science is hard because there is a history of getting conclusions wrong before further study found a right path.  Science is evolutionary, but denying it without evidence is poor behavior.  The WHO study covered 11,000 patients.  To deny its conclusions would require another 11,000 or more who react positively to Remdesivir and anti-malarial medicines.  That, of course, takes time and suspension of one's conclusions until evidence is in. Charlatans refuse to do the work required.  They drum-beat their opinions and exploit the desperate sick.  One wishes it weren't so, but that is reality and there are fools taken in every moment.


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